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New: Hotelinco connects with check-in kiosk

Updated: Jan 30

An excellent solution for accommodations without a 24/7 hotel reception.

Hotelinco connects directly with the self-service hotel kiosk which serves for guest check-in/check-out. This type of guest check-in method has many advantages both for the property and for the guest: automated reception, self-check-in of the guest without any personal contact with the receptionist, issuing of an electronic hotel key or electronic codes for door locks, payment of the service through the terminal.

Check in kiosk is intended for walk-in guests and for guests with a booking in advance. It also enables the sale of tours and services in the vicinity of the accommodation.

The connection of the terminal with the Hotelinco hotel system enables full control over the management of the accommodation, remote access to the system and tracking of all changes (e.g. recorded check-ins on the calendar room plan, synchronization of availability, billing, adding additional services, moving reservations to another room, etc.) An example of system integration is Penzion Kovač, Radovljica, Slovenia.

More about the solution Check-In Kiosk:

For more information on integration with Hotelinco, please contact us:


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