enostaven sistem za učinkovito vodenje malih nastanitvenih obratov


Recepcijski program


reservation - reception system

Effective web-based software solution designed especially for managing small accommodation properties.

  • Flexible pricing.

  • Unlimited number of seasons and price lists.

  • Multiple guest names per room.

  • Customizable invoice.   

  • Unlimited invoices for individual guests.

  • Housekeeping.

  • Night audit – no down-time.

  • Powerful reporting engine.

  • And much more.....




  • Graphic room plan.

  • Reservations.

  • Confirmation and cancellation letters.

  • Check-in and check-out.

  • Guest profile and guest history.

  • Complimentary hotel services – (POS).

  • Automatic back-up.

  • Integrated online booking engine.

  • Integration of channel manager system.



Effective hotel reception desk system (PMS)


As a complete hotel management solution Hotelinco has many useful features and functions for managing one or more (smaller) property units. With features such as online reservations, check-in, check-out, housekeeping and other functionalities – the solution offers all necessary information about reservations and guests, it enables proactive monitoring, planning, managing of activities in the most profitable way, and significantly contributes to the guest's satisfaction. 

User friendly

Easy to use and intuitive graphic interface enables you to set up and get running in less than a day. Also, the system does not require any long-term or sophisticated training, it rather allows you to gain expertise in a very short time. Having all information available in one screen, your staff can quickly retrieve various guest information, folios, and room availability.

Affordable price

As Hotelinco runs via the Internet, there is no need for major investments in computer hardware or software. All you need is a simple computer and basic internet connection. While traditional PMS solutions can cost thousands of euros to set up and maintain, Hotelinco is available from only 2 € per room, min 20€/month in a flat fee pricing model. Low costs for subscribing to the system (from 80 €).

Multi-property system

Multi-property or multi-hotel system enables management of more than one hotel or accommodation property. Properties spread in different locations are managed simply in one place and using one system. In fact, Hotelinco can "grow" along with your needs - it is very easy to gradually add additional units to Hotelinco.


Since Hotelinco is available in several languages, namely English, German, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian language, Hotelinco can be used by all these different speaking users. Each user can simply choose or switch the language he wishes to use in the application.  Any other language can be added upon request.

Remote access and work

You can access Hotelinco from remotely-located offices, all you need is a basic internet connection. You can also determine who of your personnel has the access to the Hotelinco and from where.

Connection with other systems/ interfaces

Hotelinco includes numerous interfaces and can be easily connected with other hotel subsystems, such as telephony, accounting, door-locking, video systems, catering systems, etc. 

Meet legal obligations -
customization to your local regulations available!


Hotelinco PMS Service is a web-based software solution, which enables small accommodation properties to have efficient management including compliance with legal obligations and regulations, offering supporting features such as:


- report on checked-in guests by date and hotel for local authorities 

- charging and reporting of tourist tax (statistic report Tourist Tax for selected hotel and defined period)

- tax confirmation of issued bill/fiscal cash registers

Are you looking for a specific feature?

Hotelinco software solution is scalable in content design, which enables numerous adjustments to different demands and needs of the accommodation business. Whether you manage a specific type of property, such as holiday homes, cottages, hostels or even an in-hospital acommodation, we have the solution for you.

Hotelinco PMS system is a complete hotel software solution


Todays hotel management systems are integrated with online reservation systems and channel manager systems. For efficient managing of a small hotel you need a complete software solution like Hotelinco!