Receive direct online bookings from your website, your own booking channel.

Manage your hotel reception, everything from reservations to guest check-out and serving guests during their stay.

With 2-way connection between channel manager system and Hotelinco PMS you can synchronize your sale on all booking channels in real-time! Manage your online sale comprehensively!

All you need to run your business in a competitive way


Modular software design enables easy and gradual integration of additional modules according to customer needs. There are several hotel software solution packages available: reception desk system (property management system), online reservation system and multi-channel manager system provide a comprehensive interoperable system Hotelinco Premium thereby fulfilling the needs of a modern hotel business, it is efficient, technologically up-to-date and affordable.

  • cloud solution

  • no local installations, no expensive software or hardware and no expensive maintenance

  • remote access from anywhere in the world via Internet

  • runs on all computer types (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone).

  • no time-consuming deployment

  • easy system set up system

  • user friendly and easy to use application (intuitive)

  • regular software upgrades 

  • extensive & significant know-how in product development

  • responsive customer support 

  • safe and reliable data storage

  • numerous interfaces to third-party systems

  • scalability (system grows according to your needs)

  • affordable hotel management solution


  •  for small & medium-sized properties 
  •  from 20 € monthly

Hotelinco is a hotel reception desk system (property management system), specially designed for all types of small and medium-sized accommodation: independent hotels, boutique hotels, apartments. Easy to use, effective and available at a competitive price!

Cloud PMS 

As an alternative to locally installed hotel property management systems, Hotelinco offers all key PMS features with several advantages available only in a cloud –based hotel PMS.


Multiproperty system

Multi-property system enables the management of multiple related hotels or accommodation units. All the hotels have access to shared information about guests and all reception functions for each hotel. It is possible to monitor and control the overall operation of companies, as well as individual business units.


Multilingual system

Hotelinco can be used by different speaking users, since it is available in several languages, namely English, German, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian language. Each user can easily change the language within the application.

Sell more rooms, lower your cost

Hotelinco online booking engine enables you to sell your property lodgings in real time and across multiple websites at the same time with no possible overbooking! Together with Hotelinco PMS and Channel Manager System Hotelinco introduces unique Multi-Channel Management System (MCM) that enables last available room sale in real time. In other words, Hotelinco MCM integrates all online and "offline" room sale into one comprehensive sales system.
Your perfect sales assistant, which operates 24/7, 365 days a year!





Customer support

Our customers recommend us for our supporting services as well: regular upgrades, fast responsiveness and remote problem-solving!

Simplicity & ease of use

Easy to use and intuitive graphical interface enables you to set up and get running in less than a day. Also, the system does not require any long-term or sophisticated training, it rather allows you to gain expertise in a very short time.

Integrated POS system

Hotelinco includes basic Point of Sale (POS) system to charge items and manage sales of additional hotel services, such as F & B, spa services, bicycle rental, sale of local products.

More features

Planning & building your sales promotion

Hotelinco includes a number of analytical reports, which are the basis for sales promotion. Rates can be simply managed based on the statistics and occupancy forecasts. There are unlimited number of rate lists that can be used considering current hotel occupancy and your pricing policy. Hotelinco enables guest segmentation and it can be connected with CRM and other solutions for guest relationship management (guest data export enabled). What is more, connection with channel manager system guarantees to raise your sale!


When choosing a suitable software we became especially attentive to the kindness of MAiS company people who were also willing to listen to our needs and concerns and were more than ready to respond to them. We are particulary grateful to them for answering our specific need: adapting Hotelinco software for blind persons using adapted computer equipment.


Sonja Pungertnik, Ignacijev Dom

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