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Enable last available room sale in real-time!
    •   two-way communication 
    •   more than 90 distribution channels
    •   manage prices and availability all in               one place!

*Multi channel manager system

Open your doors to the world!


Sell on more than 90 leading online booking channels, including on your website with hotelinco online booking engine, and effectively manage your online inventory from one place.


Hotelinco PMS automatically sends availability and prices to Channel Manager system, which communicates with a number of leading distribution channels, and – based on two-way communication – imports bookings from various booking channels like., HRS, Expedia, etc. directly into Hotelinco.


You can sell all your room inventory using the online booking engine and the channel manager fully integrated to your inventory.  Enable single live inventory and instant data synchronization across different booking channels with Multi Channel Manager System (MCM) and enable last available room sale in real time without the risk of overbooking!  


and much more...

"Every unsold and empty room is your cost.

Rooms, which are not sold today, result in lost revenue because these empty rooms can not be sold ever again! "

Here's why multi channel management system (MCM):

1. It enables you to create a set of hotel products, namely packages, arrangements and other combined hotel offers available for online booking

2. It enables you to determine the volume of sales through different online booking channels

3. It enables you to define prices for different seasons 

4. It synchronizes data and occupations to online booking channels 

5. It imports online bookings into the reservation schedule/room plan of Hotelinco

6. It automatically synchronizes room availability on all booking channels even with different arrangements, packages or combined hotel offers (user defined) that are linked with the same physical room (it automatically prevents overbooking and enables last available room sale when selling packages online)

7. It enables real-time and last available room sale together with hotelinco web booking engine on hotel's website.



What is multi channel management system (MCM) in fact?


Your sales assistant that allows your hotel rooms to be sold 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

All operations are performed non-stop and in real-time. MCM is an indispensable sales assistant at the lowest possible price starting from € 22/ month.



Please note: The use of the Channel Manager module requires an account with the channel manager provider (MappingMaster, Cultswitch) as well as the online booking engines you want to use. That may incur further charges.

Channel manager system is a part of your comprehensive hotel sales


Today’s advanced channel managers integrate with web booking engines and hotel reception systems. For a small hotel it is most appropriate and beneficial to use one integrated system to manage their business: Hotelinco offers all in one. With multi channel management system it enables one integrated and comprehensive hotel sale!